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Christmas star, mittens and hat

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    Christmas star mittens are knitted in Sølje Pelsullgarn og Vilje Lamullgarn, hat is knitted in Tinde Pelsullgarn and Sol Lamullgarn. The yarn kit supplies pattern and yarn for the size of your choice.


    Circumference hat: aprox 52 cm


    Suggested needles: 2.5 and 3 mm for mittens, 3 and 3.5 mm for hat

    Suggested needles are guiding, we recommend you use the needle size you need to get the right gauge.


    Christmas star is shown in colours:

    Sølje Pelsullgarn red 2132

    Vilje Lamullgarn offwhite 400

    Tinde Pelsullgarn red 2132

    Sol Lamullgarn offwhite 400

    Concorde red 25 from Rauma Garn – this is unfortunately not in our product range and must be purchased seperately

    The yarn kit will come in colors as shown. If you prefer a different color, please add this to the comment section at check out.


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