Poetry in Stitches – utgått

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This Norwegian book is an absolute masterpiece with its beautiful and poetic pictures of the most wonderful knitted designs. In this book Solveig Hisdal shows how the creativity of the past can be an incredible inspiration for today. She is not only aware of the knowledge housed in Norwegian folk museums, she has also learnt how to use it. Since childhood, she has visited museums throughout the country, searching eagerly for the treasures that her ancestors left behind. She found textiles, chests, cabinets and old folk costumes that have later become her greatest source of inspiration. This book is a result of her quest, and it shows how the creativity of the past has inspired her to make a poetic and romantic collection of sweater designs. The book contains 22 different patterns, for almost all occasions, from a childs christening gown to an exquisite, knitted bridal cardigan. Whether you wish to be inspired by the beautiful pictures, or knit some of the outfits; enjoy the book! Author: Solveig Hisdal